Teldorthan Ironhews

Weaponsmith and Armorer


May 28th: You returned his valuable strip of dragonhide, now he can finish his scale armor. He thanked you by paying 200 gold pieces and said he will personally make you any level 10 or higher weapon with 20% off.


Owns Teldorthan’s Arms, and is Fallcrest’s weaponsmith and armorer.

Teldorthan is a garrulous old dwarf who spends his time trading stories with his customers with a pipe clenched in his teeth, while his apprentices (two of whom are his sons) do the work. Make no mistake—Teldorthan is a master armorer, and under his supervision his apprentices turn out work of exceptional quality.

Teldorthan has in stock (or can soon manufacture) just about any mundane weapon or armor, although he advises beginners to try a hammer: “If you can drive a nail, you can kill an orc! You can drive a nail, can’t you?”

Teldorthan Ironhews

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