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  • Faren Markelhay

    The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden (hereditary lord) of Fallcrest. He is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws. The Lord Warden appoints a town council to look after routine commerce and public projects.

  • Selarund Halfmoon

    The owner of the Halfmoon Trading House. Selarund Halfmoon is a friendly halfling who dispenses a never-ending stream of advice to his customers, such as, “It never rains but as someone gets wet!” or “A nail ain’t afraid of a hammer with no handle!” No …

  • Teldorthan Ironhews

    Owns Teldorthan’s Arms, and is Fallcrest’s weaponsmith and armorer. Teldorthan is a garrulous old dwarf who spends his time trading stories with his customers with a pipe clenched in his teeth, while his apprentices (two of whom are his sons) do the …

  • Nimozaran the Green

    An elderly wizard who was once apprenticed to the last of the old guild mages. Nimozaran considers himself the “High Septarch of Fallcrest” and master of the guild, whose membership now includes only himself and a rather unpromising male halfling …

  • Par Winnomer

    Owner of the Blue Moon Alehouse, the best tavern in Fallcrest. A nervous, easily flustered human of fifty or so, Par runs the taphouse while his brewmaster [[:kemara-brownbottle | Kemara Brownbottle]] perfects her selections of ales and beers.

  • Kemara Brownbottle

    The true genius behind the success of the Blue Moon Alehouse, Kemara’s brews are well known in Fallcrest as superior drinks. Little is known about her past, Kemara moved to Fallcrest about 5 years ago, and quickly brought the Blue Moon from the edge of …

  • Douven Staul

    Well known in Fallcrest as a slightly forgetful explorer and adventurer, Douven Staul is less well-known as a loremaster of repute and sometime colleague of [[:nimozaran-the-green | Nimozaran the Green]]. One of those who competed for the position to be …

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