The Nentir Vale

Kobold Hall
Our First Adventure

Last time you motherfuckers started in Fallcrest, where Faren Markelhay sent you on a quest to stop the fucking kobolds from stompin’ fools on the old kings road. You went west to Kobold Hall where you bravely entered and defeated 22 of the motherfucking kobolds. Then you went down a winding passage where you found and fucked up a young white dragon. You nigga’s looted a +1 Staff of the Warmage, the bone mask of the Kobold chieftain, a cured green dragonhide, +1 Lifedrinker Longsword, a letter written in Draconic, a finger of the dragon you slayed, and a whole lot a gold to roll around in. You made your way back to Fallcrest with a limp in your step cause you thought you were pimp. You then went to a tavern and met a bitch named Lexis Stuall who asked you to help locate her husband who was looking for a dragon burial site out by Winterhaven.


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