House Rules

Dungeon Master Thuggie’s House Rules

Rule #1: Have Fun!
You have to use your imagination and make it a over all grand experience for everybody!

Rule #2: Leveling Up
When a PC has gained enough experience points to level up, that PC will remain at that level until they have slept overnight in the game. (In a bed roll, inn, or an empty bed, ect.) A PC will not level up in the middle of a battle.

Rule #3: Re-Roll 1’s
You may re-roll 1’s when rolling for damage, healing a team member, or making an action point roll. However, if the dice is a 1 three time in a row, you get a 1.
NOTE: This never applies to a d20 roll for an attack, save check (Will, Fortitude, or Reflex) or ability check.

Rule #4: Time Limit
During a battle each turn is 6 seconds of time in the game world, so you will have 3 minutes to take your whole turn, to keep the game going.

Rule #5: Player Handbooks
I feel every PC should have the Player Handbook or Sheets of their Race and Class.
Also, to keep the game moving to looking at the Players Handbook during your turn.

Rule #6: Play The Game
No gameboys, computers, cell phones getting in the way of play,
Know when it is your turn, watch everyone else’s turn so you know what your team is doing.
You must be able to see the board.

Rule # 7 Attacking
You must say what move you are using and on who before you roll the d20 for attack.

House Rules

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